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Personal History

Born- September 12th, 1975. Lakewood Colorado

Age- 32

Family- Wife Lisa and Daughter Jill

I feel as though I lead several different lives, husband, father, teacher, and motocross racer.  There was a time when all I lived for was motocross.  Everything I did was to support efforts to be the best possible racer I could be.  I worked so I could race but that left little time for practicing.  I often wonder what could have been if I was able to devote 100 % of my time to becoming a motocross racer. Anyhow that was never a reality for me.  I went to college to pursue a teaching degree in industrial arts, my other passion.  I currently teach a full schedule of machine shop, woodworking, drafting, and welding at Canon City High School.  I have been teaching for the last 8 years and along the way I have completed two Masters Degrees. 

During all of my education, jobs, and family, I have still raced a full local schedule for the past 10 years. I started racing motocross and supercross about 18 years ago when I was at the age of 14. Mainly I compete in the SRAC (Sport Riders Association of Colorado) and RMXA (Rocky Mountain Motocross Association).  I did become an AMA licensed professional in 2005 and I have raced a handful of National events.


Riding Goals

2008 Racing Goals

  • At the last race of the 2006 race season I broke my left wrist bones in a crash. I pretty much had to sit out all of the 2007 race season while I underwent two surgeries.  My number 1 goal for 2008 is to regain my Vet Pro Championship in motocross and supercross that I won in 2006.
  • I also will compete to finish top Five in the SRAC 250 Pro motocross series.
  • In supercross I will also compete for a top five finish in the SRAC 250 pro and Open pro classes.
  • Race and qualify for the 2008 Lakewood round and Millville rounds of the Outdoor National series.
  • Improve my training regimen.

Competitive Highlights

Competitive Highlights

    Perhaps one of my biggest accomplishments is finishing top ten a total of 21 times in the SRAC Pro classes since 1999.  I am also extremely proud of winning the SRAC Vet Pro motocross and Supercross series in 2006. At the last race of the 2006 race season I broke my wrist in the first Vet pro moto. I had a point’s lead but not enough to sit out.  I had to race and finish in the top ten in the 2nd Moto in order to be the champion.  I was able to gut it out and win the series.  2006 was definitely a memorable year.

          Other notable accomplishments

  • Received my AMA pro license in 2005
  • Raced in the St. Louis Supercross in 2005
  • Raced the inaugural round of the Lakewood National in 2005
  • Top 5 in 250 pro and Open pro SRAC supercross series at the age of 30 in 2006
  • Raced the Lakewood National in 2006 and qualified to race in the Sunday qualifiers