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Personal History

I have been riding all my life. Started on a Pw50 and worked my way up. I did the little KTM challenge and placed 2nd in the nation there at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. I cut out for a while in my early teens ventured off and went into the military. I came back from overseas and all I wanted to do was stick to what I knew, my roots. That was riding.

Riding Goals

My family put in a lot work for me to get where I did when I was younger. I now have a small family of my own and and am racing on my own to give back what they had given me. I cant do something and just settle for the lesser. Im a go getter. Even if I lose I still take what I learned from there and make the best of it. I want to see how far I can go. What are my limits.

Competitive Highlights

2nd in the nation KTM Challenge, 4th overall in 450 Intermediate Oklahoma State Championship Series.