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Personal History

Been racing a good majority of my life starting when i was 10 years old. Worked my way up to 125 two stroke class where i had my racing days taken from me due to a bad crash putting me in a coma. Fast forward a few years and i started getting back on a bike again and facing all the fears that ran through my head. I knew if i never got back on a bike id regret it down the road. Got back on a bike 4 years ago and have never felt better. Started conditioning myself this past year to do a race again and came in 9th at red bull day in the dirt down south and plan to start racing more races throughout the year and better my riding day by day. I have a two year old whose about to be three and loves riding already. Ready to start being the race dad now haha!

Riding Goals

Would like to enter sic races in total before the end of 2022. Want to improve my moto duration and speed. Started getting in the gym again for better cardio and conditioning and train every thursday night at dade city mx

Competitive Highlights

Overall ive always been a super competitive person in everything i do but still maintain the fun in it. I always told myself ill always remain competitive but if im not having fun anymore thats when im done with it. But in the beginning of the month I entered my first “real” race back and did red bull day in the dirt and the fires been lit and not burning out anytime soon now!