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Personal History

I'm 20 and live in Colorado. I live my life around racing. I spend more time on the track training then I do i spend at work. I have been riding dirt bikes and quads sence I was three. I have been racing my quad for my second year now. I do everything out of the back of my truck and spend the weekends i race at the track in a tent.

Riding Goals

I just recently moved to the B class for quads. I hoping to do better this year than I did last year. I would like to make to at least one national event this year.

Competitive Highlights

The first year I raced I took second in state on my quad. I took third in my first race.

I normaly finish with in the to three every race. I took second in my first in the 2009 season. I also got second in my second race in the 2009 season