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Personal History

My name is Jaeden Beam, I am 5 years old, and will be entering Kindergarten at West Canada Valley school in September.  I have been riding a dirtbike since I was 4, and this is my first year racing.  My parents started me off at  age 3 with a four wheeler, and at age 4 I got my first dirtbike! I absolutely love to ride and I love to race!  I count down the days till my next race!  When I am not riding my dirtbike, I am usually either swimming in the pool, camping, fishing, playing with my friends, riding my bicycle, and in the winter I love to ride snowmobiles with my dad! 

Riding Goals

I have very big dreams of doing freestyle at the X-Games when I grow up, but for now I am just getting used to different race tracks, and getting used to racing my bike.  I am hoping to get a better race bike within the next year too, so I can get better and faster!