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Personal History

I've grown up playing just about every ball/ team sport you could think of without ever really finding something I truly liked. The summer of 2020 was great for me as I borrowed my friends CRF230 and went camping at Moonrocks in the Nevada desert and found my passion for riding.  Soon after that trip I started going to the track with my younger brother (who has been racing for a couple of years) on the weekends, and working during the week to save up and buy a new dirt bike. By the end of the summer and with my birthday in September, I was able to get a new 250R.

I am currently a Sophomore in high school and I attend Del Oro which is in the town of Loomis, CA.  I have raced at Sacramento Raceway (one time so far this series, took a 4th) and plan to race the Spring series at Riverfront in Marysville, CA.


Riding Goals

My riding goals so far, are to race a lot more, since I got my new bike right at the end of racing season last year. Recently it was just practice at the track until races started up again for 2021. My most achievable goal other than to get a podium spot in the Rep Racing Saturday night series, is to just improve overall as a rider. I have really been improving lately as I have had the opportunity to go to the track more.  My body posture has gotten a lot better as well as my corner speed and overall comfort on the bike.  I have been working with the Dad of a friend of mine who also rides.  I watch videos and try to learn visually as well as incorporate what I have been taught in to my practices.

Competitive Highlights

Since I haven't raced a lot my best race so far was a Sacramento raceway where I got 4th overall with a couple battles. I have been practicing more and  have improved on my starts a lot which is helping me to prepare for my upcoming race series.