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Personal History

My name is Jackson Thomas and I am currently six years old and I race with the AMA and AMS within the District 11 Series. I also race within many other competitions that are available. My current race number is #7 and I compete in the 4-6 50cc Class and the 4-8 Oil Injected Class.

I began raicng on a KDX50 and quickly moved to a KTM Mini Adventure and a KTM Junior where I have competed on both KTMs for the past year and a half. I have always had a passion for motorcross and racing since I first wathced it on TV. My dad took me to watch some races and I then received my first bike, a KDX50 when I was three years old.

I began racing when I was four in Galion Ohio at the Sunset Ramblers Club. I was hooked right away and wanted to race every weekend. Once the series was over, I began racing with the AMS for the 2007 Indoor Series. I then began riding both of my KTMs. I raced most of the outdoor races and have improved with every race. I made it to the regional qualifying in Kentucky where I became even more energized to improve with the experience that I gained from that event.

I love to jump and even toss in a few stunts at my finshes. I have now moved from both of my KTMs to Cobras to be even more competitive. I have just recently received a Cobra CM50 and a Cobra PW3 that I will now be competing on going forward. I have been practicing on my new Cobras and I am eager to get them on the race track and begin racing them the first of the year.  

Riding Goals

Learn and excel in the 50 Senior and 65 Class.


My goal is to achieve first place within the outdoor series on both of my Cobras.  I also want to improve my performance on the area qualifier for the Loretta Lynns Championshiop. My ultimate goal is to make it to Loretta Lynns and finish within the top ten (if not win....).

I will also begin competing this winter within the AMA Arenacross on the events that are within my region. This will be a new experience for me and my goal from this series would be to make it to Vegas and be one of the lucky riders invited.

I would also like to compete within the 2009 Mini Os to be held in Florida.

My goal is to have a great season of outdoors and finish it off with a win in Florida.

Competitive Highlights

Jackson is currently seven years old and has been riding motocross since he was four. Jackson currently competes every weekend and is the leader within the AMA District 11 overall rankings for which he rides. He currently rides in the 4-6 and 4-8 50cc Classes.

Jackson qualified in the 4-6 AMA Stock Class for the Loretta Lynn’s Nationals this year with an overall 2nd place in the Mideast Sunday Creek Area Qualifier. He did well in the National Competition by obtaining a 5th place in the first rounds, an 8th place in the second round and then had an unfortunate turn of events causing a 35th place in the third round. Jackson was injured but still finished the race and never gave up. Jackson ended up placing 13th overall at the National Championship.

Jackson will be competing for a chance at the Arenacross Championship October 11th in Las Vegas within the 4-6 AMA Stock Class.

Jackson is getting ready to begin his journey in the 50cc Senior Class and the 65 Class for the AMA Indoor Season. He will first compete in the Winter Olympics to be held in Florida this November and then move up classes.

Jackson will be riding two 2008 King Cobras beginning this winter and a 2010 Cobra 65. He has already begun practicing on an older 65 to learn the difference in machines.

While Jackson will be learning how to be more aggressive on his Cobra 65 this winter and next year, we believe that Jackson will be one of the fasted kids competing on his King Cobras. Given the talent he has shown against this class today and provided with now the same machine to fairly complete as a Senior 50, Jackson will be a National Contender for the year of 2010.

Current 2009 AMA District 11 Class and Overall Standings
4-6 AMA Stock                                        4-8 AMA Shaft Drive
1st Place Overall 2009, 149 Point Lead                1st Place Overall 2009, 143 Point Lead
1st Place Spring Series                                        1st Place Spring Series
1st Place Buckeye Series                                1st Place Buckeye Series
13th Overall Loretta Lynn Nationals                





I just recently won the indoor AMS Arenacross Series within the 4-6 50cc Class. I also achieved third place within the 4-8 Oil Injected Class. I worked hard for both of these series and was very excited to get my first series win.

In May of 2008, I received my first outdoor win and have received many more since.

In April of 2008, I competed for the first time and qualified for the area qualifier for Loretta Lynns on my KTM Junior.

In February of 2008, I received my first victory in supercross and have steadily improved ever since.

In 2007, I received my first place in Flat Track at the Sunset Ramblers.