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Personal History

Jackson is 6 years old and currently in 1st grade at Vista Peak Elementary in Aurora, CO. He is a well mannered young man and has excelled in school, always earning top grades. His hobbies include bmx, football, Brazilian Ju Jitsu, reading, and of course motocross! This was his first full season of motocross, and has secured 2 AMA District 25 championship titles through Sport Riders Association of Colorado. He raced a KTM Mini Adventure for the 2010 season, and for the 2011 season he will be solely racing a 2010 King Cobra

Riding Goals

Jackson's goal for next year is to place in the top 5 in AMA D25 aboard his new King Cobra, with the ultimate goal of winning races. He moves up to the 7-8 year old 50cc class and will also race the 50cc open class. He is slowly getting up to speed on his new bike, and in preparation for next season he practices 1-2 times per week, school permitting.

Competitive Highlights

Jackson's most memorable win this year came at LCRA in Cheyenne, WY. In the first moto, he got a good start and took the lead on the first lap, but crashed a few turns later. When he got going again he was dead last, and fought back through the field to finish 2nd. He knew what he had to do for the overall win, and did just that. Jackson got the holeshot and lead the entire race, he covered the inside lines to keep the rider in 2nd (who was all over him) behind him and rode a flawless race, finishing 1st and taking the overall win.

With one race left this season, Jackson has already secured 2 SRAC AMA D25 titles and 2 SRAC 2010 Motocross titles in 50cc Class 1 (4-6) and 50cc Class 3 (4-8 Oil Injected).

Jackson also finished 2nd overall for the season in SRAC 2010 Supercross in 50cc Class 1 (4-6).