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Personal History

My dad starting riding dirt bikes and Harleys in the 90’s, so we’ve always had a love for everything on 2 wheels. I had always wanted to ride, so on my tenth birthday my dad bought me a Yamaha TTR-90, and ever since then I’ve never looked back. All of my buddies have been the same way, so whenever we aren’t working and have the time, there’s nothing we would rather do than ride!

Riding Goals

Of course everyone that rides have goals, and two goals that every rider has is to improve and have fun while riding. While I love to just enjoy my day and ride for fun, I love to improve. Whenever I am not working I’m either riding or working on ways to improve my riding while I’m not actually riding, so I try to workout at least 3 days a week, whether it’s cardio or lifting weights. I feel as if this could improve my riding and if I ride good I could possibly get sponsors and as we all know everyone would love to have sponsors! So I work to improve not only my riding, but my appearance. Even though riding good gets attention from sponsors, that’s not the only thing that grabs attention! Whether it is just being respectful, or discussing products at events, appearance is half of the effort for having goals and sponsors!