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Personal History

I've been riding bike ever since I can remember. I raced motocross for years then transferred into harescramble and hard enduro!!!! I'm free on the bike and have the most fun I can. I ride until I literally cant anymore..

Riding Goals

My goals for riding to always get better and learn new ways to get all the right fundamental skills for the all the types of racing styles. I'm always up for the challenge and push my self to be the best I can at this best sport to man.!!!!

Competitive Highlights

Getting to race with Cody Webb and Mario Roman at revlimiter was amazing. It was the hardest but most rewarding race so far and ready for more to come. I've raced in the Offroad cup 2yrs now and for a 9hr race it has its challenges but is a great way to ride and have a good time. You can IRONMAN it or have three man teams....