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Personal History

Jackson Bolton

Atlanta, Georgia

DOB 7/3/2003

Contact:  Lee Bolton # 407-982-9669

        Jackson began riding at age 2 when we bought him his first four- wheeler.  From that moment he has had a goal of riding professionally.  He received his first Kawasaki 50cc at the age of 3 and was told we would not take off the training wheels until he learned how to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  The next weekend he came to us and said he was ready to ride his bicycle without training wheels.  It took him all of 10 minutes to do it successfully.  Then he looked at us and said "Now take my training wheels off my motorcycle." That was how it all began.  He started racing at the age of 5 at Durhamtown Plantation.  This is his second race season and it is amazing at the improvement and determination he has.  He began racing other tracks in 2009 the first being at Mill Creek in Pell City, AL.  He came in 2nd place in the 4-6 50cc class.  He has most recently raced at Pecan Valley near Macon, Georgia where he came in 3rd place in the 4-6 yr 50cc class.  He is currently in 2nd place in the points standing at Durhamtown Plantation in Union Point, Georgia which is his home track.  Jackson's goal this year is to qualify for Loretta Lynn's in August.  His next race is at Mill Creek in Pell City, AL April 18th.  He has races at Durhamtown on April 24th, May 1 and May 15th with the May 15th race being the championship to close the season.

Jackson has a passion for motocross while he is riding and also in everything else he does. He is a great friend to his peers and is always taking the leadership position in situations that he is in.  We are very proud of Jackson and believe that this is the kid your company wants to be representing its brand!

Thank you for your time in considering Jackson and the opportunity to represent you.