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Personal History

Jack is a colorado native who lives with his mom, dad, little sister, Abigail, who is four, and English cream golden retriever pup, Link.. Jack will be starting first grade in the fall and has a passion for school and learning. Outside of dirt biking, jack loves playing with friends and his sister, reading, drawing, camping, fishing, playing with legos, mountain biking, and being with his family. Jack calls himself an “outside boy” and loves anything as long as he is outside getting his hands dirty. Jack, along with his sister, began sponsoring children in third world countries last year. Through this, he is learning the importance of how other parts of the world lives and that gives him a larger respect for his life and opportunities. Jack is an old soul, and is one of the kindest people you will ever meet. 

Riding Goals

Jack has been on two wheels since about two and his love for biking has grown ever since. He inched up from a strider to an electric oset at three. He then got a 50CC Honda at about 5. When he expressed an interest to race this year, we enrolled him into one winter combat race to see how he would do. This was our first wake up call to how talented these little boys and girls were and are! We had some work to do and jack was excited to do it. We quickly sold his Honda, and bought him a KTM. Since then jack has spent countless hours on the bike learning and training. He has recently started coaching and loves learning new techniques! He wants to be the best, but understands it doesn’t come over night. This year has been a year of learning and trial and error. He may not be at the head of the pack, yet, but this little boy is determined to be the best he can be. He tells my husband and I before every race that his number one goal is to have fun. That is how I know jack will be great. He is doing it for him and not anyone else. He has a drive inside of him that is to be admired, and he never gives up. Jack wants to race and practice as much as he can do one day he will be taking first! He has told me that the day he brings the first place trophy home, it will be because he never gave up. That way of thinking cannot be taught. We cannot wait to watch him grow in this amazing sport. 

Competitive Highlights

This is jacks first year of racing. From his first race to today, jack has gone from being in last place, to inching into the middle pack mid season.