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Bueng Khong Long, Bueng Kan Province Thailand

Bueng Khong Long is located in Bueng Khong Long District. Bueng Kan Province It is a natural tourist attraction of Bueng Kan Province. It looks like a large lake that is a bird conservation area. especially waterfowl that migrate in winter, including wild geese, teal, egret, kingfisher A place to relax and take in the beautiful scenery with a bird watching tower and observation deck. Especially in the evening when the sun is almost setting, the atmosphere is very beautiful. In addition, if visiting in summer, you will see Kham Somboon Beach, beautiful sand dunes. With a long sandy beach, Bueng Khong Long is a marsh with water all year round. making it possible to travel all year round An interesting activity is a boat ride around the lake. Experience the natural beauty and beautiful rivers. Bueng Khong Long is another tourist attraction of Bueng Kan that tourists should not miss.

Bueng Khong Long has a fairly wide area. If you drive along the route, you will see a view of the marsh stretching along the road. But the recommended spot is the Bueng Khong Long Park area. A recreation of local people and tourists who appreciate the beauty of this swamp. that can park the view Take a walk and feel the atmosphere of Bung Khong Long comfortably. Bueng Khong Long Public Park located at the back Bueng Khong Long School or if traveling from Kham Somboon Beach You can take a shortcut through the Bueng Khong Weir Project and keep walking along the edge of the swamp. There will be a fork into this park. If you can't come here, it is advisable to ask the local residents. because there will be no road signs In the park area, there is a bird watching tower which is a 3-storey building, each floor has a window or glass window. You can look out to see the great view from a high angle. You can stop by for a 360 degree view of each floor.

Bung Khong Long is a large freshwater body with an area of ​​8,062 rai, approximately 13 kilometers long and about 2 kilometers wide. The upstream of the Mekong River basin is caused by Phu Wua and Phu Langka, flowing into the Songkhram River. And finally into the Mekong River in the year 2523 was declared a non-hunting area Bung Khong Long in 2001, Bung Khong Long was registered as an international wetland (Wetland of International Importance) No. 1, 098 of the world due to the abundance of nature It is a habitat for aquatic animals, water birds and various aquatic plants. Bueng Khong Long area also has "Haad Kham Somboon", a long sandy beach It is a relaxation point, with tubing, banana boats, and restaurants available. You can also see the scenery of Bung Khong Long with Phu Langka in the background as well. Take Highway 212 (Bung Kan-Nakhon Phanom) until Ban Dong Bang Intersection. Turn right onto Highway No. 2026, about 4 kilometers past Bueng Khong Long District, you will find a junction, turn right onto Rural Road 3009 (the way to Ban Chaiyaphon), continue for 3 kilometers to Bueng Khong Long, total distance from the city. Bueng Kan 96 kilometers

Bueng Khong Long, Bueng Khong Long District Bueng Kan Province

Description : Bueng Khong Long Public Park Bueng Khong Long District Bueng Kan Province It is also known as "Suan Khanap Bueng" which the Bueng Khong Long Subdistrict Municipality Organized as a place to relax and exercise for the general public with an area of ​​​​approximately 25 rai to honor His Majesty the King Bueng Khong Long Public Park is a place to relax and take in the beautiful scenery with bird watching tower and observation deck. It is considered a new landmark. Accommodates more tourists The distance from Kham Somboon Beach is about 5 kilometers, especially in the evening when the sun is almost setting, the atmosphere is very beautiful. There is a perfect beach for recreation and swimming. There are restaurants around the pond. Tourists like to take their children to relax and play in the hot water.

There are community shops at the bottom to serve tourists. The surrounding atmosphere of Bueng Khong Long Park There is a cool breeze blowing, very refreshing. There is a long balcony to see the view. And a pavilion on the edge of the lake to sit and relax and admire the beautiful view of the lake, especially in the evening when the sun is almost setting off the horizon, the atmosphere is very good.

If you drive to the end of Bueng Chong Long There will be about 3-4 restaurants located on the banks of the Mekong River basin, where you can eat food, enjoy the cool breeze, and see the view. and where the floor cushions along the marsh For most of the food, each restaurant focuses on papaya salad, spicy salad, and grilled fish. We randomly try to eat at the restaurant that has the most people. because I thought it would be okay, but when I tried Personally, I'm disappointed that the taste isn't right, it's a bit bland. It is recommended to try a restaurant where there are no people, it may be more delicious.

History of Bung Khong Long

In 1977, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej His Highness had the idea to consider planning a project to develop the Mekong Long Lake in order to fully utilize the water from the Mekong Lake to develop agriculture. The Bung Khong Long Reservoir Irrigation Project took place on Sunday, November 25, 1979. His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Her Majesty Her Majesty the Queen His Majesty was driven by a royal helicopter. went to see the irrigation project and visit the people At the Bueng Khong Long Reservoir at that time, in order to satisfy the royal initiative The Royal Irrigation Department therefore considered planning a project to build a reservoir in Bung Khong Long in the year B.E. 1980 and completed the same year. "His Royal Highness initiated a project to develop the Bueng Khong Long Reservoir to prevent flooding. and bring the water from the marsh to develop agriculture to the fullest." Here, it has become a water source for consumption, animal husbandry and cultivation. as well as freshwater fish breeding grounds Today, farmers can do a variety of farming. and have higher productivity including more income


1.Thai Guest House Ruan Thai Guesthouse Bueng Khong Long

in Bueng Khong Long District There is free breakfast. Near Phu Thok attractions, Tham Phra waterfall, Phu Langka

, contact information and address

195/2 Moo 12, Bueng Khong Long Subdistrict, Bueng Khong Long District, Bueng Kan 38220

083 442 9560