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Personal History

Born in Alberta where the praries meet the Rocky Mountains, I have been lucky enough to have spent most of my life on a dirt bike. My dad grew up racing and in 2016, my mom decided to sign me up to race in an event we were helping with, and I was hooked.

My family are big volunteers in this community, so naturally I see the value in giving back. I have participated in the Junior Race Promoter Program and continually have one of the highest volunteer hours for the youth that volunteer in this series. (to give you an idea of how much my family volunteers, my Dad is the current President of AMSA Offroad, my Mom is the Office Manager, she is also the secretary for the Lethbridge Motorcycle Club and our family Promotes at least one race a year.) My favorite thing is helping the little ones, I love watching them grow, helping them become better riders and to love the sport more. There is something about this community that is amazing, some connection that is different than any other sport.

Maintaining good grades is very important to me, so I work very hard in my time not on a bike to keep them up. I am fortunate to have grandparents and great grandparents living near, so I spend every moment I can with them. Family is everything, I want to cherish every moment I have free since we are trekking all over so I can race.

Riding Goals

Dirt Biking is my passion. When I am on my bike, I feel free. Whether I am racing, training, volunteering, or just riding with my friends, my bike is the best place to be. 

in 2024, I will be raicing the AMSA Offroad Provincial Series in the Ladies Intermediate Class. I hope to compete in the Western Offroad Championship (WOC) as well, but I am waiting to see the EnduroCross schedule for conflicts (there is already one).

I am signed up to race SilverKings Hard Enduro. I am so excited for this one, I have never done a Hard Enduro.

I hope to do 3 rounds of EnuroCross this year, but I need to see the schedule to plan. These are very far for us, but very fun. 

Last year I tried a few Motocross races as well as Sprint Enuro and EnduroCross. I am training to be a well rounded rider.

Long term, I am going to train to get to Ladies Pro. I also hope to make Team Canada and compete in ISDE. 

Competitive Highlights

Since I have started racing, I have made the top 5 overall championship podium every year. 

2022 I was the Kids Junior 1st Place Champion. 

2023 I raced the Ladies Junior (C) and some of the Ladies Intermediate (B) races. With multiple races resulting in bike malfunctions, I still managed a 4th place overall in Ladies Junior - and I bought a new bike.

2023 Sprint Enduro with SOR round 3, 1st place Ladies Intermediate.