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Personal History

My name is Hunter Stanley. I am the third one out of four of my brothers. I got my first dirt bike when I was four and have been hooked ever since. I grew up riding and never want to leave it. I am currently working at DXP as a machinist and pump mechanic. I ride and race at my local tracks on the weekends and any given opportunity that I have. Now that I am older (21 to be exact), I want to take my riding/racing further than I ever have and see where it takes me. I hope to provide any sponsors that will give me the honor to to proudly represent them through my riding and my daily life. Motocross has always been there for me to clear my head and to have a blast. I want to give back to the sport and to those who have diligently pursued to keep it alive and help improve it over the years.

Riding Goals

My number one goal is to have fun and improve my riding skills every time I swing a leg over the bike. I want to take my riding to the next level and provide  my sponsors with representing them through my riding/racing and in my daily life. My goal for this year is to move up to the top of B class and continue on into A class.

Competitive Highlights

My last race was in March 2020 at 3Palms Mx, in Houston, Texas. I placed 5th overall. First moto got a decent start and was able to make a total of 6 passes in one lap. I passed two guys in the whoops and wither 4 in the next two corners. I was able to hold them off and took 5th place for that moto. Second moto I wasn’t as good. I got a horrible start, I was able to make 4 passes in one lap once again. I then stalled the bike by nearly sliding out in a corner and lost 3 positions. I managed to make up those three positions in the next two remaining laps of the race and took 9th for second moto. Not my best riding or results I hoped for but I was able to push myself through the pack and use my skills to push myself and get the best results I could for that night.