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Personal History

Hello!  I am 14 years old and getting ready to start Farmington High School this fall.  I will start football practice soon and are very excited about possibly being bumped up to an older team because of my ability.  I live in a small town in Illinois with both my parents and younger sister.  I love to fish, hunt, play football, camping, and most of all- motocross!  My dad grew up racing on Hondas with the number 05.  So when I started racing 1 year ago, we came up with the name Country Boy Racing.  I choose the number 05 since that was my dad's number.  I spend weekends riding at a neighbor's track, at a local motocross park we belong to or different race tracks in District 17 area.  My dad works as my mechanic and my mom takes photos.  Sometimes we also help score keep and flag at a local flat track.  On my Honda's I have a black ribbon incorporated into my graphics.  About 2 years ago I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy.  Many people are surprised I can ride, despite feeling tired all the time and easily falling asleep.  When I am on a bike, I feel my best!  There is no better feeling then soaring over jumps.

Riding Goals

This year my goal was to complete the Great River Shootout Series in District 17 on my Honda CR250.  I was given the opportunity to upgrade to a 4 stroke so I wanted to begin racing this bike.  Since I was racing in the vintage class and my new bike is a 2010, I am just riding for experience, points, and fun!  I hope to gain enough experience throughout this season to do really well next year in the series in the 250C class.  I hope to become an expert and maybe go pro one day.