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Personal History

My dad put me on my first dirt bike at the age of 4 on a pw50. I started racing at the age of 5 years old when NEOC first had started up on my PW and eventually on a CRF50. We took racing more serious once I started finishing on the podium on my 50 at the end of 2010 for NEOC 7-8OI class and decided to race a full season 2011 4-9EL class for NEOC on a new CRF80 and ended up winning the championship. In 2012 we decided to race both NEOC and ECEA for the championship on my CRF80 and got 1st 7-10 trail ECEA and ended up winning every race except for the first race. For NEOC I came in 2nd Thumper class. I also got 2 top 3 overalls in 2012 NEOC on my CRF80 against the 65cc 2 stroke race bikes and was the only trail bike racer that year getting on top of the podium. I also pulled off getting many top 3 overalls in ECEA 2012 on the CRF80 and even a 2nd overall finish.

2013 the plan was to race 12-13 85cc class on a 2001 CR80 for NEOC. At the first race I was running 4th place right behind 3rd and 2nd and my bike ended up blowing up in a grass field. We got that fixed before the 2nd round but then ran into more problems as the bike ended up running out of gas 2 times in the same race so any shot towards the championship at this point was gone. Racing kinda fell off for me around 2013-2015 but I still always rode and had a CR80 and CRF150R to practice on and still raced every once in a while when the races would come back local.

2016 I raced the last season of off-road harescramble racing NEOC did. The first half of the season I raced the CRF150R and got a 6th 5th & 3rd and the last half of the season I got a new YZ125 and got 6th 1st 1st. The last 2 races I got 3rd and 1st overall and ended up 3rd place in the 2016 C Light championship NEOC. 2017 I raced Schoolboy 1 class for ECEA on my YZ125 and finished 2nd place for the year and at the last race got 1st in class and 3rd overall. 2018 I bored my bike out to a YZ144 and raced schoolboy 2 for ECEA and got 1st place every race except round 5 when my bike blew up and also got top 3 in the overall every race and 3 1st overall finishes.

2019 I had a good start off with my first race of the year in the main B200 line and got 3rd in class and 3rd overall B at the first D6 harescrambles event. The first round of ECEA in B200 I started off the year with a 1st and 2nd overall B, the next race I got 2nd and 4th overall B. Then I ran into bike troubles that were never solved and didn’t finish out the season. 2020 there wasn’t a race season due to COVID.

2021 I ended up getting the YZ fixed up again for a little while and put in some good results getting 3 1st places and a 2nd place and also got 1st A overall finish and got 3rd in A200 championship and 19th Overall in the main without even doing all of the races. I just recently bought a 2022 Honda Crf250r on December 24th and plan on racing A250 class and go for championship points in ECEA and D6 Hare scrambles and maybe ECEA enduro championship as well in 2022. I want to try to go for A overall championship in both ECEA and D6 and make it a goal to finish inside the top 10 overall every race. 

Riding Goals

Go after A250 champion and A overall champion in ECEA and D6 Harescrambles.

try to finish top 10 overall every race I enter into.

try out some enduro events or any other type of race if I get the opportunity to go.

improve myself as well as my bike.

Stay smooth and send it✊

Competitive Highlights

2011 4-9EL NEOC champ

2012 7-10 Trail ECEA champ & 2nd Thumper NEOC

2016 3rd C Light NEOC

2016 won 1st overall at the last NEOC race.

2017 2nd Schoolboy 1 ECEA

2018 1st Schoolboy 2 ECEA

2021 1st A High Point 7th overall main event ECEA Ormand Farms

2021 3rd A200 ECEA