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Rider Updates

Mar 2 2007

Well, I finally got up on my ass, and went to Reykjavik, and took my bike with me.
On Friday, 16th Febuary, I drove south, to visit my aunt, and her boyfriend.
On Saturday, we woke up early, and drove to Sólheimasandur, wich is down on Iceland, near Vestmanneyjar.
There its alooot of black sand everywere. I allmost got cought into the sea in the big waves over there. Heavy funny stuff haha..
There was a big whale in the sand, probably been there for few week. Pretty nasty !
And an airplane, that had an emergency landing there in what like the 1960-70.
We were driving that day for 6 hours. And we were a bit tired when we came home.
On Sunday, we went to Þykkvibær, which is also a black sanded beach, but there is a track over there, a hard one, so I had some nice practice over there. There was also a sandbumps and tabletops all over the place, so nice day at jumping over and over again. Good practice. That day we rode for 4 hours.
But on Monday, a woman who is a motocross store owner in Reykjavik called me, and asked me if I wanted to ride with bunch of other girls, because the televsion was going to make a tv show about girls and motocross, so hell yeah, I went to Thorlakshofn around 3 and me and 13 other girls where riding in the local track there and being filmed ! That was heeps of fun, and I learned alot for the other girls, and got to know them.
This is the link to the tv clip. Hope you will enjoy.

So those 3 days I got alot of practice and had a really good time.

Jan 22 2007

Yeahh ! I just got my first sponsor, and I'm so happy. It's MSR apparel. The nicest brand there is. I was riding in MSR last year and I really loved it. And now I can't wait to get the 2007 gear !

Thanx MSR, you rock !

visit their homepage and order the newes and cooles stuff for season 2007

Jan 21 2007

I finaly got my winter tires under my bike.
So I just couldn't wait to try it. I had never driven before on ice or snow, unless just on a snowmobile. And wow, this is so much fun. As you can see on the picture, alot of snow.