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Personal History

Hello my name is Huck Enghusen I'm 12 years old ,I have been riding since 2014 ,I was 4 when I got my first bike a 2001 Yamaha PW-50. I have been racing since 2015 ..I have raced 50cc 65cc and now currently I'm racing the 85jr class along with the supermini class.. we are either racing or riding somewhere every weekend along with practicing a few time during the week... I work 2 days a week after school pressure washing heavy equipment for a family friend to help buy parts and other things I need for my bikes. I also have to get good grades for my parents to take me racing. Currently I have straight A's in all my classes...I just started 6th grade ... I ride a 2022 YZ85 small wheel in my JR class and a 2022 YZ85 big wheel in my supermini class... My dad grew up racing motocross so we ride together alot... my dad only rides on the nice days though

Riding Goals

Get better starts Win the riverdale winter series overall for 22/23 season...

Competitive Highlights

2021 Pacific racing organization overall 65 Jr 2nd place 65 open 3rd place 85 beg 2nd place 85/150 supermini 3rd place 2022 Pacific racing organization overall 85 Jr 4th place 85/150 supermini 4th place Moto-Pacific Friday night 85 Jr 2nd place 85/150 supermini 3rd place