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Personal History

My name is Harris Evans and here is my short story haha:

I started ridding dirt bikes at 4 years old with my dads help in my backyard in Atlanta GA. The Yamaha pw50 was my first beast that got me addicted to ridding. After removing the power governor it was on. I road the wheels off that PW. After my older brother moved to the 125 I got the use of his DS80. My dad had hurt himself pretty bad racing at a young age and asked us nicely not to race but to enjoy the trails. After ridding the wheels of the Suzuki DS80 i moved to the Honda XR100. I was about 9 at this time and my friends were really starting to get into racing. By my dads request I stayed off the track but dreamed of a 2 smoke 80. After begging him for a year or so he said he would pay for half of whatever bike I could save my money for... GAME ON. After saving and working every penny I could get I got a 1989 CR80 2 smoke screamer. Man I loved that bike. By then I had managed to learn how to use our front end loader on our tractor pretty well and was building booters in the middle of my moms horse paddic. Needless to say she was not happy and my dad saw that I was going to kill myself. For my 12th birthday he had a track builder come out and build a 10 acre track with the promise that I could race all I wanted at our house but could not compete at surrounding tracks. (Budds Creek was 2 hours away) I dreamed of racing every day and night but stuck to his request. I mean the man did build me my own track how could I ask for anything more. With his half and half sponsorship I picked up three more bikes over the years. A  Kawasaki KX100- Yamaha YZ125- Kawasaki KX125. The good old 2 smoke days. By 17 my family split and I sold my bike and went to community college. After moving and graduating for a four year school I got my first real job and was able to pickup another bike. I bought a Honda CRF250. My first four stroke motocross bike in 5 years. A lot had changed! I road that in Texas for 6 months and had the opportunity to buy a used practice Pro Circuit KX250f. That thing was fast but then got the option to ride my buddys 450 and learned quickly that was the move. Unfortunately the recession hit hard and my job at the bank was over. I sold everything I had and moved to California. (Best move I made haha) After picking up some grave yard shifts I worked my way up in a Hotel and ended up able to purchase another bike. I bought my first 2 stroke in years a 2002 CR250 mint condition from an older guy for 2k. What a bike! Great shape. Things were going well at the job and I ended up buying a Husky 125 as well. Was not to impressed with the husky and ended up selling the cr and the husky to pickup my current beast the 2012 KX450f. This thing is a monster. I am still adjusting to the 4 stroke 450 power I have a tendency to ride it like a 2 stroke which leads me to pretty much overclear everything haha. I live in the middle of LA for work currently and my living room is my garage as you can see in my pictures! I love my bike and have been learning more each time I ride. I can not be more thankful for your offers of sponsorship and helping keep my dream alive. Money is tight but with your help I can continue to learn and enjoy the sport I love so much. (Dad knows I race now but i made sure to let him know I am in the safe class where we all have to go to work on Monday hah)

Riding Goals

My main goal is to progress each time I ride. I have been training more off the track then on. Living in the middle of the city I only get to ride once a week on Sundays but I live for my Sundays. Right now I am working on my endurance and consistency. I want to turn solid smooth laps. Working on my rut turns as well as my ability to control the bike in the air. I do not have the same feel yet I had on a 2 stroke on the 4 stroke. I really feel like I am learning to ride again on the 450.

Competitive Highlights

So this is where I fall a bit short as I am really am new to racing at 30 years old (I missed the boat right haha) Last weekend I competed in my first race at Hangtown in Norcal (4/6/14). I was convinced to race by a good friend of mine who was celebrating his 30th birthday. My dad had actually taught him how to ride. He was also the one that turned me onto MXSponsor. Man was it fun. My goal for the day was to finish the race with a running bike and nothing on myself broken. I raced in a beginner class and a 30+ class with my friend. Turned out he was super fast and left me in the dirt! Good for him! I was able to clear everything on the track but my endurance was not there. In my beginner class I was second off the start but soon was passed by most all of the riders. I was consistency at the back of the pack for the race but I have not had more fun and left the track safe and in good health. I look forward to signing up for some more races near my hometown and look forward to working on getting up to his speed! I had a great talk with the guy next to me in the over 30 class who was 54 out there flying! Good to see age does not slow us down. I ride out at milestone a lot and look forward to jumping in on some of the series to get more experience.