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Personal History

My name is Hannah Richey, I am 21 years old, and I ride a 2011 Kawasaki 85. I am located in North Texas, and have lived here all of my life. I have a family of five including, my Mom, Dad and two older brothers. I've been riding dirt bikes since I was 10 years old. My brothers are a big inspiration in getting me into Motorsports. They used to race go-karts, And when I told my dad I wanted to, he suggested Motocross instead and I've been in love ever since. I go to the track 3-4 days a week and I'm working hard on improving and training so I can race for the summer season. When I'm not on my bike, I'm spending time with my dogs, doing school, or I'm at work. I have a job at an aquarium as a lead aquarist. There, I take care of all of the large saltwater fish tanks, scuba dive in them, and help maintain the facility. I am currently in college and am attending Texas A&M University Corpus Christi Online for a marine biology degree. I will graduate in 2022 and plan on furthering my career to study sharks.  I grew up playing competitive sports, I've played softball and basketball since I was 4 years old and was on varsity all through High School. In between all of my games I would still make time to go to the track on the weekends. My junior year of high school, I stopped playing basketball and softball and focused primarily on Motocross. As College approached, I was unable to race due to my schedule  and had to take a break for a few years.  However, I am back on my bike and working my absolute hardest to train and improve everyday for this upcoming Race season.  I have always felt that team work,  family, dedication, and hard work are some of the most important aspects in athletes, and I hope to prove this for the summer racing season.

I currently do not have very many images or videos of riding, I plan to upload more as soon as possible.

Riding Goals

3-4 days a week I am at the various tracks in North Texas training and practicing.  I've also been given a wonderful opportunity to receive training and lessons from highly experienced riders and already feel more confident and content on my bike. Several things I feel I can  improve on include; corner speed, consistent correct body positioning, shifting techniques, and overall being faster. I love improving and enjoy pushing myself to be better. My  riding goals include overall Improvement, receiving my first sponsorships, and racing this summer season. I'm very excited for whatever opportunities await me and I will always work hard no matter what.

Competitive Highlights

May 15th: 2021 Cross Town Series, Women’s 12+ : 5th Place