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Personal History

Hi my name is Hagen Kyle I am ten years old and I love MX. I am a junior Olympic swimmer and also play soccer. My goals as an athlete this year are to swim my second year in the junior Olympics and make it through the Loretta Lyn's regional qualifier in Georgia this year. I am an honors student and keep my grades up so my dad will let me miss some school to travel to race. I swim five days a week and play soccer three days a week and MX every weekend so I am a busy kid! Last year I broke my arm racing when I came up short on a big double, that set me back for two months but I am now riding and swimming faster than before. My biggest accomplishment was finishing second in the 2013 Triple Crown at Thundercross MX. There are lots of fast kids there and even though I was a DNF if the last moto when I broke my are I still got 2nd overall. Also I am proud that I am in the RiversideMX web site video. (Check out the video 3/4 through I am making two sick passes #55) You can also read an MX article on the race it is posted on the site!

It's time I just moved up to the RM 85 will be doing my first 85 race in a few weeks, I'm stoked!

Riding Goals

Start winning on the RM 85