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Rider Updates

Oct 24 2008

man thi week i went to mammoth east mx park and i raced begginer mini and boy was that trck rogh it was like roacin on whoops the whole track no jumps, but it was nothin but sand, dirt, and whoops we raced it forward and backwards and man both days were rough

Jun 22 2008

man i was goin off a jump at podium  1 and jumped a double and clipped the top of it and i went up the step up after it and hit a flagman sittin on a haybail (didn't even know i was comin) and i went off a 20ft millvan and they prop up the dirt with concrete barriers and my knee caught the corner of it my knee locked up and the paramedics thought i shatterd it and i ambulenced to the nearest hospital. the only thing saving me was my kneepads.

Apr 6 2008

went out there, crashed hard, and drove on to finish the race. The same Whoop got me in both heats. The crash and burn in the 2nd heat was the worst. I thought I was done for, But after getting over the intial shock and pain. I mounted back up and made it to the finish line. What was cool is that people we didn't even know were coming up and asking how I was and that it ws cool that I still made it to the checker aftere that bad of a hit.

Oh well, live and learn...especially from this first ever race. But I have good spirits to try again and keep it on the wheels.

Apr 5 2008

Out running at a local ATV park. HAHA, Stole Dads quad and commenced to terrorizing. I still got away without having to wash it. LOL