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Rider Updates

May 27 2023

I'm going to the Ranch!!

Mar 12 2023

Had the most amazing time in Indy at the KTM Jr SX! I made podium with a 3rd!! 

Nov 23 2022

First time to Mini Os and first time ever on a Supercross track and I qualified for the 4-6 class on my Cobra Junior! Let’s GOOO!!!

Nov 13 2022

LETTTSSS GOOOO! I just brought home my second state championship plate this season...this one meaning a lot since it is from my home state, MARYLAND! 

Nov 12 2022

It's a wrap for my Capitol Cup Series for the 2022 season. I just got awarded a first place trophy and prize box in both classes; 4-6yr 50cc and 4-8yr 50cc. Wow! What a season!

Oct 17 2022

I have just completed my second season of MX in the MAMA Series and Capitol Cup Series! It has been an awesome year of racing. Here are my accomplishments for this season:

In the MAMA Series, I have won the championship in the:

4-6yr Special Limited Class

4-6yr Limited Jr. Class

4-8yr B Limited Class


In the Capitol Cup Series, I won the Championship in the:

4-6yr Class

4-8yr Class


State Plate Championships:

PA/WV State 


May 31 2022

This past weekend I got my first 1st place win on my Cobra 50 FWE Sr. in the 4-8yr class!! Super pumped!

Nov 16 2021

My first full season in MX has come to an end and it has been an amazing journey! I challenged myself and met a lot of my goals for the season. I would like to thank my sponsors for all of their support through out the season:

ONeal, Spy Optics, Ogio, Arma, Atlas, Dunlop, Ride Engineering, Flo Motorsports, Twin Air

I look forward to next season with you by my side! Here's to the 2022 season and new goals to be met.


Nov 6 2021

Received 1st place championship in the 4-6yr Special Limited Class and in the Limited Jr. Class! I also got an overall 5th place in the 4-8yr Open B class. 

May 30 2021

Today, I got my first holeshot in the 4-8yr class on my Cobra! 

May 16 2021

Today, I reached one of my MX goals for the year....I got my first 1st place win on my Cobra! 

Apr 17 2021

Today, I got to try my SportRX inserts while riding for the first time since getting prescribed eyeglasses! Boy, what a difference! Thank you SportRX for making riding with a vision impairment easy, comfortable, and convenient!