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Rider Updates

Oct 28 2009



Oct 28 2009



Sorry that i dissapeared for so long, but my life as allways changes so quickly. Firstly, it is my last week in Norway, i'm coming back home to Lithuania. I was so sad, because i had some plans to stay here until next year february, but my company send me home for 1 month, i don't know what i will do there, BUUUUT  other side of that is really amazing, when i will come back, will go straight to Latvia, willtake my bike and then make some pic's and i don't care the weather, will go to the track : ))) haaapppyyyy..

Okay, about my life.

After the streetball i need something new, something special..and it was not sport, it was that special person..that one who made me feel different, feel special. It was my love, Ruta. But not everything was going so perfected as i expected. After a little bit more then year of friendship i took her to the motocross, because i was going to all the motocross every weekend. The first motocross where i took her was in Kedainiai, She came with her friend, and got a lot of atention. I felt horrible, she was going with ohter roders and so on, making the photos, an i was lost, i was so depresed. After that she started going to all the motocross, chearing for other guy. Everything was going so bad, i had no money, but i had the passion to have a dirt bike, to show her , that i can be the same good as they are..but..i had no sponsors who could my me a dirt bike. and one day i get offer, go to Norway, it was a light in the tunnel, i planed come back, buy dirt bike, live with the girlfirend and start new, shining life, but again, one day i saw that she speaks strange, speaks about other guy.. and i was right.. she got another, he is rider.. after 1,7 year, she was with another one, all the dreams to be with her, just exploded.........i was depresed..there was a lot of pain in my heart, i didn't wanted anything, just be alone..

BUT.. me wouldn't be me, i stand up, rai

Oct 20 2009

Okay, as
mentioned in my first news, I will write my true story how hard I was reaching
my dream of riding the dirt bike. So I born in small village Liudyne, Panevezys
Region, Lithuania. A lot of guys there just drinking and have fun, but I always
was interested into sports. I was quite, nothing special guy. From the age 12 I
was playing basketball. It was my passion, because I was dreaming of becoming
good player known in Lithuania. I was playing everyday, from morning till
evening in Velzys, there was more people who is interested in sports. Time was
running, but I didn’t grow, was very small guy, so my dream was like running
from be, so one day my father bought me Yamaha 85cc I was so happy, was running
to the trail riding and so on, I was riding for two years, never had a trainer
or something, everything did by myself, just  father was my mechanic. I remember my first race, in Vilnius, I was on
the bike like month and after the start I was like 5-7 place from 28 riders, I
was so happy, but few laps and I am the last. : ) but I was still happy. The
results where getting better and better, when I was like 14 all the places was
like 10,12, but at my home town track I was like 5-6 and at the last lap, one
of the guys over take my place I didn’t knew who he is, so I was trying to
fight back, ran as fast as I could, but it was not enough for the big jump, so
I crash, stand up.. and I felt that I can’t move my right hand, it was broken.
My mother sold the bike, because she was afraid of more crashes. After few
months we moved to USA, NJ, Linden, it was like a dream come true. I was going
to the high school, playing basketball, going with father to Englishtown for
motocross race and so on, I was growing up, but again l

Oct 20 2009

!!!  I can’t believe it !!! it is just
few days when I made the account and I have that much sponsors, it is amazing
moment of my life. I really, really, REALLY THANKFULL !!! I will do my best,
work hard to climb to the top, I am ready to be number 1 just need a little
time. I will promote all of You every day, every race and I wish,  I will not disappoint You and all of us will
be happy in the end, or even we will reach for more. I will prove what I was
writing, to everybody, myself, family, friends, ex girlfriend, everybody.

Once again,
Thank You, Scott USA, 661, O’neal, Gaerne, KSR Wheels.

Oct 15 2009


As i write You yesterday, i made some agreements and today i am buying my dirt bike. I am happy, very happy, there is no words how happy i'm = ))) i was trying to work as helper in building houses company, i was waching windows, selling motocross gear, motocross stickers, but everything went so bad and i can't buy a dirt bike (all story later) but when i had posibility to come to Norway, i was amazed, MY DREAM COME TRUE : ))) Here is some pics.

Oct 14 2009

Hello, few years ago i have found this site, and i was amazed how much sponsors here is, so i had a goal, when i have bought the dirt bike, i will registered to this site, and here i am.. it took a little too much then i was expected, but it just the begging. : ) okay folks, thats all for this time, i have to go to the gym, and then to the job : ) cee ya later : ))