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Personal History


Hello, My name is Girmantas, but friends call me just "G", i think it's easier for You to call me "G" as well:)

So...i'm looking pretty now,happy as hell:D's 10.37, Norway, Melbu :D today is a big day, i all most have bought Honda crf 450cc (Ohlins front and rear racing TTX suspensions, Akrapovitch full titanium exaust system,Moto Master oversize front and rear brake discs,Renthal Twin Wall handlebarr,new piston and son on), just need to make some minimum agreements and this weekend that crazy dirt bike will stand at my house, it's a little bit sad, because i will get on it just in 2010 february  ; / but all the true story later, i will post it in news : )

Okay, so about me, I'm 24 years old, a little bit crazy, some times quite, deep inside of me, sometimes like a dynamite, explode with amazing minds and full of happiness : )) like one girl sad: "You are 22 years old, looking like 19, communicate like 16 and acting like 3 years old" so sorry that i'm that kind :D.. BUT I THINK I'M NOT TO OLD RIDE THE DIRT BIKE !!! :D.. what is else i got something to prove, to myself, to my ex girlfriend and so on (about everything later in news)

What is else, i allways love to find where is my red line, what i can't do in sports and where is my limits. I found my limits in streetball, become one of the best streetballers in Lithuania, one of the guys who create Wanted 8-21 streetball crew.

When i was younger, i was Youth organisation member, was traveling a lot, was living in America, NJ, Linden,  had my virtual motocross shop , but about everything in the news : ))

Okay, i think that's all for the first time :) just smile and be happy : ) cee ya.

Riding Goals

About coming year,

yeaaah, i'm waiting for it like the kid is waiting for the presents under christmas tree : ) it will be the best time of my life, i'm coming back from Norway on february and then start preparing for the season in reality not from the videos, not just dreams, but real. For real i'm preparing for it very day, going to gym, making exercisers for the legs, hands and so on. Want to be prepared phisicaly, before i will jump on my 450cc love :)

The goal for the next year is to become #1 of the hobby A or B class in Lithuania, i have to prove a lot to my ex girlfriend and my self, what a good person i am. What is else i wish to participate in some of the Latvia's championships make some frieds and have some fun as well : )

The biggest dream is to become one of the three guys, who are participating in Motocross Of The Nations !!! 

I know, You think that i;m crazy, because i have that much dreams, that much goals, but i don't even riding a bike for 10 year, but i'm uniq personality, You will see, I WILL REACH MY GOALS !!! I WILL PROVE!!

Competitive Highlights

Damn, my english is not so good, so i don't know do i understand the question right. So.. maybe i will just say nothing : ) but You will see, that i'm really hard worker, that i can reach everything what i want, to prove everything what i want, and be best in Lithuania, and then.. then we will see.. will see what the future will bring to me : ))).. but i wish to my self something huuuuge : )))