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Personal History

I'm 13. I live with my mom, my dad and my sister Carmela. He is 7 years old.

We live in Virginia Beach, but we are from Argentina, we were born in Rio Gallegos,  Argentine Patagonia.

We are a family that loves Motocross, it is our life. We came to the US with the dream of knowing and traveling tracks, although it is hard, with much effort from my parents, we can do it.
My father is a great mechanic who always maintains my bikes very well!
I have been riding a dirtbike since I was 5 years old and my dream is to be a great rider. Dreams come when we want them and we work hard for it!
In Argentina I started participating in regional events and it always went well for me. I'm training on US tracks to get to a race and be at the highest level.

We want to continue knowing tracks in the United States ... we left everything in Argentina to come here to Ride for our dreams! And we are doing everything possible to achieve it.

Thanks for reading carefully!

Riding Goals

I want to be a big  motocross rider. Learn and improve my driving techniques. I would also like to participate in events to test my ability. I feel very capable of improving and doing my best. Driving a motorcycle es my passion.

Competitive Highlights

I have participated in some regional events in Argentina this years ago and in all I have  had first, second o first place.

I am very motivated and passionate about what I do. My father has taught me a lot and now I train with a coach. I am attentive, I like to respect my bike and my teammates, but I give my best every time I go out on the track.

We are here, in this country to fulfill my dream, my parents worked hard to do it. I want to show all the children in the world that motocross is a passion and can be enjoy. It is my dream! I want be a great rider. I want learn with experienced people and be big.