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Personal History

My name is Gavin Giovanni Gamble and I am 3 years old.  My dad bought me my first motorcycle when I was 2.  It was an electric motorcycle, but it got me ready for my real bike.  I practiced on the tracks at SpeedWorld in Surprise, AZ.  I got my PW50 last year and I am getting better and better everyday.  I have raced in the PeeWee Series at SpeedWorld 4 times and already have 4 trophies to be proud of.  I also enjoy BMX and my mom built me my own BMX track in my backyard.  I have jumps, whooops, berms, and ramps that I practice on everyday.  I knew how to ride my bike without training wheels at the age of 2.  I am a very active and outgoing little dude with lots of determination and a competitive personality.  My dad takes me to all the races with my older cousins and the professional races too.  We went to the Monster Energy Cup in Vegas this year and I've been to SuperCross in Phoenix for past 2 years.  I love watching my favorite racers on TV and movies too.

Riding Goals

My goals are to race the best I can using great sportsmanship that can eventually get me to the top!!!