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Personal History

Hi, I’m Gavin and I have a passion for riding!  Ever since I was little, I have been obsessed with two wheels. My papa rides a Harley and my parents rode a Honda, so you can say riding is in my blood. Before riding I played baseball, football and even ice hockey but when COVID hit my life was put on hold. June 9th, 2020 my mother decided to surprise me with a Honda CRF50 FK for my birthday, boy as I shocked. That day my mother showed me the ins and outs of the bike and how to ride. From that day forward I have been living the dream. I have an older sister who has started riding with me. She is a little more cautious and not as far along in riding as I am, but we have become riding buddies and push each other to be the best rider we can. We support each other and even though we are at different levels, we make great partners and a great support system for each other. I am very lucky to have a riding partner who I can push to become better. We have a saying in our household that goes “If you’re not hurt, get up and finish the track.” This has become a positive saying in my life. It made me realize that even if you take a tumble, if you’re okay, you finish what you started. This shows that if I do take a tumble, I am determined to finish.

Riding Goals

Even tough I am a newer rider; I have come a long way in riding. When I first started riding, I was a little timid and enjoyed riding in the fields. Now I go straight to the track and own it! I know riding is a serious sport and you can get hurt badly if you don’t pay attention and take it seriously but that doesn’t take the joy of riding away from me. My riding goals are to become the best rider I can be along with having a name people know. I dream of the day I can take on the big tracks! I want to be a rider that other kids look up to. One that they can get riding advice from and one that helps push them to become the best they can be.

Competitive Highlights

04/17/2021 – Area 51 Nightcross 51 cc Jr – 2nd place
05/22/2021 – Area 51 Nightcross 51 cc Jr -6th Place
05/23/2021 – Empire Sate Mx 51 cc Jr – 9th place