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Personal History

Hi, my name is Gary and I’m 11 years old and I’m from New Jersey. I absolutely love riding and have been for five years. I’ve been racing for four years now and this year I am ready to go for it all. I have 4 sisters, 3 older and one younger. I ride with my Dad and older sisters. My mom is my cheerleader on the sidelines with my little sister at every race. I’m happy that my Dad started me into racing because I love it. Each race I get a little faster and jump a little higher, and have a blast while I'm doing it! I have greatly improved since my first racing season in 2019 and this year I am ready to push myself to the limit. 

Riding Goals

I race a full schedule of AMA D6 Cross Country, D2 MX and ECEA FastKidz schedule for harescramble races. I’m going for first place this year but top 5 is where my skill level is currently at. 

Competitive Highlights

FINISHED 4TH OVERALL 10-11 65cc 2022 Season