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Personal History

I am 16 years of age, I am a junior in high school. I work hard on everything and anything that I do, I am a very determind person. Everytime before I race or ride I do pray and ask for a safe, fun ride and to bring me back in one piece. I love to ride motocross, I have basically quit riding woods once I got my KTM 85 when I was younger and haven't looked back. Motocross is a very demanding sport and demands a lot from a rider. I try to get in shape on the off season and stay in shape throughout my racing season.

Riding Goals

I plan to race in tracks in Kentucky, most are in Bedford. Some of the tracks are D-track, Podium one, Nickota and Horseshoe bend. I am a upper C class rider and plan to move up to B class by midway or the end of this upcoming racing season. I can hopefully get sponsors to help me go to new tracks and become a better racer.

Competitive Highlights

My first race I got hung up in the gate and watched 12 racers fly by me. Although I was way behind, I still took off hoping for the best. I did catch up and managed to get a 5th place in moto 1 and follow up a 3rd place in moto 2.

Recently I was in a race called school boy age 12-16 open. I started off in 3rd and overtook 3rd to put me into 2nd place. I went into a right hand turn before a 95ft downhill triple and fell. Falling back to 3rd again. I once again caught back up to 2nd but fell in unexpected loose dirt. Once again I refused to give up and caught back up to 2nd but wasn't able to pass and got 3rd place in that moto but 2nd in moto 2. That for me really showed me that I was better then I once thought I was and really pushed me to do better and to never give up in a race.