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Personal History

Hello, my name is Garrett Justin Bergner and i am 13 years old turning 14 on February 14, 1996. I was born as a pre mature child just 2 pounds and 4 ounces, wanna know why? I just had to get riding who wouldnt anyway? I live in Vernon New Jersey its a boring state if you dont do football around here your nothing but i am. I eat, sleep, dream, live, and LOVE motocross anything with a motor and that i can ride i'll do it. I will never ever cry i dont believe in crying i think it gives no point, last time i cried was when i was born. I have started to get peoples help as lots of people believe in me as i have been training my ass off everyday in school and at the track or gym. I grew up in somewhat poverty we did good to get by but struggled with my family problems, there hasnt been a single year where something went wrong ive had moments where i wanna give up but my hope whispers one more try. My father had a stroke on February 11 2009 way to go that was basically my christmas present and then R.I.P Jeremy Lusk he passed away to.. I havent had any severe injurys in my career im not the type who makes mistakes, I LOVE CHARGING THROUGH THE BACK OF THE FIELD its the best feeling.

Riding Goals

WIN WIN WIN WIN WIN and get sponsors hopefully i will escape my family problems and go out and kill it in district 34 or wherever god only knows where hes gonna take me.

Competitive Highlights

not so many i dont have rides to pull it off