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Personal History

My name is Garin, and I have ridden 4 wheelers since I was 3. I got my first dirt bike at the begining of 2017 (a PW 80), and loved it so much that for Christmas that year I asked for a KTM 65. Once I got it, I wanted to ride it all the time, after less than a year I wanted to start racing. I play golf and basketball on the side but I like to focus on mx the most.

Riding Goals

My goal this season was to race a full season and try to be points leader. But 3 races in I had gotten 1st, 2nd, and 1st, so we decided to bump me up to intermediates. On the first race I got hole shot but then I hit a tree and crashed pretty bad. The next race I got hole shot again and ended the race in 2nd place. My goal for the rest of the season is to keep pushing myself, and eventually race on the big track to get ready to race the 85s next year.

Competitive Highlights

Some of my highlights are going from last place all the way up to 2nd in just 6 laps. Another one is getting hole shot on the first race I raced in the intermediate class.