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Personal History

I just began riding for fun five years ago and within the last 2-3 years ago got really interested in competition racing and moving into the next steps of racing. If I am not at school or after school sports I am either on a friends track practicing riding or in my track area of my house riding either my YZ85 or my newest KTM 125 SX. I have the best support from both my parents. If I want to go try a new track they say ok, get loaded up and take me. Or if something breaks they get the parts and fix it ASAP. I need new gear they help me with that as well. I couldn’t do this without them for sure!!

Riding Goals

My riding goals is to become a two time first place points champion. My riding goals to begin this season was to really push myself past my comfort zone and begin making jumps that I never thought I was capable of doing and now I have been. Now it’s just doing them consistently during competition. 

Competitive Highlights

My biggest accomplishment was finishing 2nd place in points overall in my class. One of my goals this year is finishing in the top 3 in both classes. I also want to start working on riding in higher classes so I just got a KTM 125 SX so I can start practicing for next race season and push myself out of my comfort zone to be more competitive.