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Rider Updates

Jul 9 2017

McLarty mx today

Mar 5 2016

Practiced at sand mountain Mx today

Oct 7 2014

Practiced sand mountain Saturday and raced mill creek sccs series Sunday. 4th in 85d and 2nd in girls class. Got to meet a new girl racer this weekend. Great race Cora. Hope we get to race again. 

Sep 14 2014

Ran rd 21 I. The Alabama state championship series this weekend. Finished 15 in Jr mini. 1st in the girls class. Worked on gate this weekend. I really feeling like I'm getting off the gate a lot faster.

Sep 5 2014

Not racing anywhere this weekend going to go to Sand Mountain Mx Park and do some 30 minute motors and try to get ready for the vurb classic.

Aug 29 2014

Trying to get my sister off a 50. She rode my 85 a few days ago and picking her up a 65 this weekend...

Aug 29 2014

Trying to get my sister off a 50. She rode my 85 a few days ago and we are picking her up a 65 this weekend...

Aug 28 2014

My compression is getting low on my bike so we are taking it easy this weekend. I have been working on turns with our pit bike. Yet ordering a fresh top end tomorrow to ride all next week and weekend hit a track is we don't go to crossbones.

Aug 24 2014

Alabama State Championship Series race this past weekend, I ran the Jr Mini, 12-13 85 age group and 85d.. Had 4th overall in age group and d class and 6th in the jr mini..

  Was a great weekend and worked on my cornering some,,,

Aug 19 2014

 Hit the Challengers Cup at Mill Creek Mx Park this weekend. Had some great racing,,, I got an overall of 2nd in the 9-16 girls class......

Aug 13 2014

Got some great practice this weekend, Sand Mountain Saturday and worked on cornering, and mill creek sunday and practiced for the challengers cup this coming up weekend...

Aug 1 2014

Made it to the Loretta Lynn Classic today, saw some great racing,,,,

Jul 30 2014

  Me and my sister made some practice laps on our track at home..

Jul 27 2014

Thanks Streamline for the great deal on the new levers, after the big crash at Sand Mountain I needed them

Jul 21 2014

Trained with Shane Mills today at Mclarty's Mx with a wet track. Had a lot of fun got my form back in shape, gave him a laugh and a huge smile on both of our faces!!:)

Jul 20 2014

Went to Sand Mountain Mx today with Caleigh Griffin and yesterday I started clearing the finish line. I also started clearing the triple in the back and the double, triple on the back straight. Had an amazing time and knocked 37 secs off of my lap times.

Jul 20 2014

Hit Sand Mountain hard this weekend. Finally made the camel back and the big triple..

Jun 3 2014

Havent been here in a bit, been busy with training and races since school let out. Practiced at Sand Mountain Saturday but didnt get much practice in and blew the spokes out of the rear wheel. But back up and going now and heading to Noahs Mx Park Saturday night, wish me luck,...

Apr 23 2014

Got the new tamasko wheels, got the rear on install the front over the weekend, no racing this weekend going to loretta lynn qualifier at Monster Mountain in Tallassee Alabama


Couldnt do this without the help from ONE INDUSTRIES, ATLAS BRACE, CHOICE HOTELS, ONEIL, PIRELLI, TWIN AIR and STREAMLINE BRAKES AND CONTROLS.. Thank everyone so much

Apr 20 2014

Had a great Saturday at Sand Mountain Mx Park, thanks Billy for a great track..

Finished 1st in the womens class and finished 4th in the 85d class..

Bike blew in the pits after the last moto, really lucky...

Apr 18 2014

Points just posted on Alabama State Championship series, I'm 1st in points in both of my classes right now......Thanks too Streamline Brakes and Controls and Pirelli.

Apr 18 2014

Thanks to Pirelli for the support, wearing Pirelli rubber now,

Apr 18 2014

Big thanks to Streamline Brakes and Controls for the support, they have great levers and cant wait to get mine ordered and on the bike,, Thanks again

Apr 18 2014

Cleaning the bikes today and loading the truck and trailer. Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 17 2014

Got the bike serviced and tuned for Sand Mountain Mx Park Saturday.

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