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Personal History

Hello,my name is Felicia Michelle Blackwell but I go by Felicia. I'm 15 years old and a 10th grader that works hard to keep my grades up I take all advanced classes and an a and b student. I live every day as a present because I've learned your not promised the future. I have came along way in life with personal issues I have had and showed that with Jesus on your side you can do all.I've done a little of it all gymnastics, cheer, pageants and volleyball. My passion has always been for riding mx bikes I loved watching friends and pro riders finally my parents bought me a bike and let me go ride at the track. That day I meet a guy named Shane Mills little did I know my passion for riding had came real with him. I started training with him and it's been all I could dream it to be.  I have now got my little sister involved in racing as well.I have meet some of the most awesome friends at the track that has been willing to help me in anyway they can not only do I like the track but the friends that comes with it. I started on an Honda 85 and quickly switched to a KX 85 for a year now I have been on a KX100. (High As The Mountain Deep As The Sea My Friend Jesus Rides With Me)

Riding Goals

I want to make the Loretta Lynn just one time. I have a long way to go, but my strong sections are the gate and rhythm sections. I have a lot of work to do when it comes to corners but I'll try anything once. I have been told many times I have perfect form or that I ride like Shane Mills..My goal is to reach my best and go above it.

Competitive Highlights

I'm weak in the turns but on the jumps I'll take you in a heart beat . I can take anything hard and make it look easy but the easy I make look hard. I 'm not afraid to take what they give me and give it back ,double theirs. I 'm willing to race a friend no differ than I would someone I didn't know because we are all in it to win it.