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Personal History

My name is Ezra, I am six years old right now.  I love dirtbikes, they make me feel amazing. I started ridding a bicycle when I was two and my dirtbike when I was three , my mom says I was just made to ride.  I practice mostly with my daddy out at my grandma and grandpas. I have never raced before this will be my first year. Outside is my favorite place to be, I don't need any video games, just outside.  I am in first grade and I am gettng very good at reading now - I can read a book without any help.  I have a great imagination. I dream of my bike all day- ask my mom or my teacher I draw me and my bike on almost all of my papers.  My best friend is my dog Zoey, she is the best.  I love my sister and my baby brother. 

Riding Goals

I can't wait for summer, it is my favorite time of year - when it starts to get warm my bike gets to come out and I am the happiest boy ever.  I am very excited to race for the first time.  I hope to do good and practice as much as I can, maybe even bring home a trophy. 

Competitive Highlights

I am very competitive when it comes to me and my bike because I know I can do good. I hope one day I will be like the ridders on t.v, I know how to be a good sport if I don't win, but I do have room on my shelf for many trophies.