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Rider Updates

Jun 20 2014

I'm so ready to race tomorrow. 

Jun 13 2014

I raced two classes tonight. The 50 open  and 50 7-9. I had a mid pack finish in both races. Thanks to all of my sponsors. I must say my one gear and helmet looked amazing with my sixsixone boots and smith goggles. Also my Lucas oil always helps my bike run strong. 

May 28 2014

Well my trip to ga/fl is over. I got a lot of seat time. my new one industries gear was waiting for me and my new sixsixone boots. I love them.

May 23 2014

Today I practiced at alma Georgia MX park and I killed that track. Dude , it was so hot. Lol

May 21 2014

I went to north Florida MX park today and shredded that track. 

May 20 2014

Fresh Lucas oil change , clean bike, time to ride 

May 18 2014

My Leatt kept me safe as always. Thank you for sponsoring me. 

May 18 2014

I had a great day riding at north Florida MX park in Hilliard Florida. the dirt was amazing.  I made two new friends Joey & Brennan. I'll practice with Brennan again on Wednesday. I can't wait. 

May 17 2014

My new one industries gear and helmet came today with my sixsixone boots. I'm going to rock them. I love my sponsors. 

May 15 2014

I want to send a big thanks to BIG ST CHARLES MOTOSPORTS  for sponsoring me. They are awesome.


May 14 2014

My Leatt t-shirts came today. Awesomeness. 

May 12 2014

I got my red and white smith optic googles. They are so cool. Very comfortable to wear and they never fog up on me. 

May 10 2014

Well I had a fun day at HLR MOTOSPORTS. Practice was fun. Then the storms came and the race was cancelled. ;(. 

May 6 2014

I'm so ready to race this weekend. 

May 4 2014

I had a great day of practice .  I must have turned 300 laps. Lol. It was hot but my mom made sure I had plenty of water in me. My dad always pushes me to be the best and I love him for it. Let's go 411