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Personal History

Hi my name is Evan DiVona and I was born on April 11, 2006 in Jacksonville, Florida. My parents are Eric & Jessica DiVona. I have a big brother- Brett and a big sister- Alison. My dog is a poodle and his name is G-Money. I began riding dirt bikes at the age of 2. I had a Suzuki JR50 with training wheels. When I turned three my training wheels came off and I got a Yamaha PW50. I began racing at the age of 4 on my PW50 in Anchorage , Alaska where my dad was stationed in the ARMY. If I'm not racing or practicing, I love to do tricks on my BMX bike, go to the pool and play with my friends outside. I love racing and practicing, I always get faster and I love camping at the tracks and making new friends . I want my sponsors to know that I will always represent your company with absolute respect and responsibility. Thanks 

Riding Goals

my short term goal is to win the FL/ GA winter blast series  

My long term goals are to qualify for Loretta Lynns in 2015 and to also win!

I want to be the fastest man on the planet and I train very hard to meet my goals.


Competitive Highlights

Hwy 65 MX 1- 3,  2nd place 

Monster Energy spring classic 2-1, 1st place

Liquid Nitro arenacross  ,3rd place

HLR night series, 2nd place 

Florida/Georgia winter series , 2nd place