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Rider Updates

Jan 23 2020

Rebuilding my Supermini before AQ’s. Goal is to make a regional or 2 this year. This will be my last year on a Supermini. I am out of my cast from my tibia fracture, I have been going to Physical Therapy for the past 3 weeks and haven’t used crutches for about 3 weeks! My release date to ride it March 12th! 

Dec 6 2019

I was riding a pit bike and broke my knee. It’s called a spinal tibia fracture. I chipped of some of the bone of my tibia where it meets my knee. I had surgery today and I am in a full leg cast. I will get the cast off around Christmas and will be going to rehabilitation appointments for 4 months. Should hopefully be back by area qualifiers, but will be cutting it close.

Oct 6 2019

Broke right collar bone at wildcat creek mx on 10-6-19. Will be back first weekend of November. 

Apr 7 2019

Went to Trojan raceway this weekend. Had a great first two motos saturday, dominated my class. I started to get tired in my second set and had some pretty nasty crashes on a big double, no injuries. I did decent on the night races on Saturday I was fine with a second and a 3rd in my classes but I know I could’ve done better but I was shook up from my last 2 sets of motos earlier that day. Sunday I felt great in my first 2 practices. In my first moto I pulled off second on the hole shot and I got 2 laps in and my bike blew up when I was in first. So we packed up and left. But I’m super exited to race the area qualifier next weekend on my 100.

Apr 1 2019

Went to Megatraxs MX on March 30th 2019 for open practice, and going to Sunset Ridge MX on March 31st 2019 for an open practice.