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Personal History

Hi, my name is Ethan Fernandez. i have been riding motorcycles since diapers. i entered my first hill climb event when i was 6 on a ktm 50. i have been recently entering the carnagie hill climbs for the past years. i was always riding my friends 450's for the events since i didnt have the money for another bike. after i graduated highschool i got a job at a local feed store working fourty hours a week. i have since been able to save up for a 1998 cr 500 and a 2006 crf450. between the expenses of these two bikes, my truck and tryin to save money its hard. so if there is anyone that is willing to try and help me reach my goals of moving up to the pros, any support is appreciated. thank you for reading.

Ethan Fernandez

Riding Goals

my goal for this year is to win ny B class series for Carnagie hill climbs. and then move to the pro450 class and pro 0-700cc altertered stock.