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Personal History

I'm a micro biologist working on building and growing a research startup company. I use every minute of free time to live life. I participate in a variety of activities and love learning new things and strive to become better. My dirt bike history is very limited. I purchased my first bike, a 125cc X-Motos Chinese pit bike (which I have listed as a CR125), in September of 2017. I hauled that little bike to local MX tracks trying to learn how to ride. By October I had been convinced by some new mentors that I should give arenacross a try. That October I signed up for the first round of the WHR Arenacross Nationals in the pit bike class. After arenacross I bought a new bike, a bored 2003 YZ112, discovered 2-strokes, woods and off-road racing and have never looked back. Since then I purchased another 2-stroke; a 2015 YZ125 and continue to race MX, harescrambles and Arenacross. I did learn the joys of flat track and whenever I can or have the opportunity, I dust off the little Yz112 and race the local indoor Flat Track series.

Riding Goals

This year will be a year to strengthen my skills, hone in on new ones and learn to ride hard. Dialing in track and woods skills and be competitive on race day. Moving away from being a beginner and D rider for next year.

Competitive Highlights

In 2018, I have done a lot of racing. I followed the weekly TNMX series at Hannegan Speedway in Bellingham, Wa. I walked away with 4th place out of 14 riders in the Women's class and 2nd place for the series in the 150cc class.

I'm a new rider and new competitor, but since the purchase of my first bike; the pit bike, I moved up from dead last on my first couple of rounds to frequently placing top 5 by the end of the Arenacross series and earned myself a place at the year end banquet and 2nd place in overall series points. I decided to compete this year (2018) in the NORCS off-road series in the Women's Pro class which is the 2hr long course. The first round was hosted by a moto complex located in the desert. I had never ridden desert or sand prior to this and I was borrowing a TTR 125. I was so glad that I had ridden the long course because by the end of the race, I had figured out how to race on sand and my lap times improved dramatically. By the end of the race, I had come in 12th place in the women's pro class exhausted but I had a huge support group that formed that day. I had people I didn't even know cheering me on throughout the course and helping me in the pits. Even the photographer noticed my absence at another off-road race that wasn't part of this series.