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Rider Updates

Feb 18 2011

In the last couple of weeks I've gotten a whole lot faster! A couple of weeks ago I was riding and my friend Derek Harris, owner of Harris Peformance, got in front of me and COULD NOT shake me. He races in the expert class and is no slouch, and he's one of the fastest guys at the track. We did another moto and I was right on his rear tire, and I surprised myself by being able to keep up with him and I know i surprised him too. I got moved up into the intermediate class and hope to start racing soon. I'll be uploading more pictures now that I have a newer camera.

Jan 1 2010

I got a newer bike! It's a 2009 Honda Crf250, i'm still getting used to it. I'll have some pictures of me on it soon.

Dec 8 2009

I sold my bike the day before thanksgiving and looking for an 09 Honda Crf250! I'll post pictures up, when I get my newer bike, I can't wait!

Aug 19 2009

I got alot of new pictures up and videos of me at Cycle Ranch and Austin Del Valle.

Jun 7 2009

I got a couple new pictures of my race up. I raced the Mx Lites Novice and the Motocross Novice which is the 450 Novice and i got 1st in that class on my 250f! In the Mx Lites Novice I got terrible starts, again so i got 6th overall but i should have been top 3. I went to the track on sunday 6/7/09 and practiced some starts and did alot better getting off the concrete gate. I'll get a better start next race and finish up front.

Apr 23 2009

This sunday is round 4 of the ADVMX Championships! I just got a white brothers pipe for my bike because the packing on my stock silencer kept blowin out and it was time it was replaced, and i also just got a shock spring and pressure springs from Factoy Connection that was set for my weight because the stock suspension is set for a 150 to 160lb rider and i only weigh 130lb. So hopefully they will help me out on my starts and corner! I will have an update on my results for sunday.

Apr 23 2009

I got some new videos from my race in Austin Del Valle. I got 2nd overal and currently sitting in 4th place in points, only one point behind 3rd and i missed the first round so im doing pretty good!

Feb 15 2009

Round 2 went good. The guys that were in 2nd and 3rd didn't show up so i got 2nd and im now in 2nd in points.

Feb 15 2009

The race was awesome, and i rode on top of my game. I got good starts but the guy in first got the holeshots both motos and i had to work my way up. But the battle for 2nd was intense in the 2nd moto, but i got him! So i got a (3,2) for a 2nd overall. BUt next round il get a better start and battle for first.

Jan 24 2009

Yesterday I went to the Houston Supercross! It was really funn and i got pictures and videos, it was alot of fun! Well next weekend i got round 2 of the Triple Crown series and the following weekend i got round 2 of the ADVMX Championship series. I'll keep my results updated.

Jan 16 2009

Round 1 of the Triple Crown series is tomorrow at Cycle Ranch Mx. Then im goin to houston for the supercross, then the week after that is round 2 of the Tripla Crown series. Then the following weekend im goin to Austin Del Valle for round 2 of the ADVMX Championships!

Jan 2 2009

My birthday is in a coupla days! Im turning 15.

Dec 20 2008

I got some new pictures and video's on my dad's 450f at cycle ranch.

Nov 24 2008

im goin to the Thanksgiving Race at Cycle Ranch to watch the pros! I cant race because it's to expensive and have to rebuild my top end.

Nov 5 2008

I have some new videos of me at my local track (Cycle Ranch Mx Park)

Oct 24 2008

The halloween race is tomorrow at cycle racnh mx. Im either going to ride the mx lites open am or the schoolboy.

Oct 8 2008

IN practice i got a back flat so my dad bought a new tube and put it in. Then right before his race he told me to check my tire and sure enough it was flat again, and his race was only two races before mine. So i was pumpin and pumpin tryin to put about four more pounds of pressure just to get me throught the race. Fortunantley for me, a friend of ours dad had a 250f, and took his tire off his bike and put it on mine, and they were already lining up on the gate when i got there. First moto i almost got the holeshot, but came out in 4th. Then i made a pass for 3rd and almost took over 2nd, so i settled for 3rd. Second moto i wheelied off the line and was in last place, but quickly moved into 4th place, and passed both 3rd and 2nd place for a 2nd overall for the night! And for the series i took 3rd place!

Sep 12 2008

First moto i got 4th against three intermediate riders. In the second moto i was in 4th place and as i was making the move in the inside line to take over 3rd i fell in the slippery bluegroove corner causing my back end to come out from under me, so i got last place. But im in 2nd or 3rd place for the series!

Jul 24 2008

This next series i hope to race in will be the Saturday Night Lights Series. The first round is aug. 9th at austin Del Valle. The second round is Aug. 30th at Cross Creek in Austin. And the third round is back at Del Valle. I will be racing the schoolboy class. And the races will be at night time.

Jul 22 2008

Well the final round was at cycle ranch mx park. 1st moto i got a good jump off the gate but the two guys next to me trapt me in and i had to let off a little, then this kid crashed right in front of me goin around the first turn so i had to slam on the brakes and go around him. So by then i was already in last. Then as i was catching up tp the pack goin to the first down hill another kid crashed in front of me and i had to stop completely and bak my bike up and go around him. I passed about two or threes guys and i was really tired by then. 2nd moto the guy next to me cut me off on the start so again i was at the back of the pack. I passed about two or three guys that moto. So overall it was a bad day. And i tied for fifth place in points but since the other guy had a better overall finish that day he got fifth and i got 6th. But that wawas my first series in that class.

Jul 7 2008

man the trak was fun. but unfortunately i got bad starts both motos. i got a 6,6 for an 8th overall. i tied with another guy and the 2 guys in front of us tied also but they all got better 2nd motos than i did so they got a better position.

May 30 2008

This sunday at Cycle Ranch is round 3 of the Texas Motocross Championships. I am currently tied for 4th place. I hope to get some better starts in both motos and get better results. Heath Voss is going to be there and maybe Travis Pastrana will be there to. I hope to secure 4th place and maybe even move up to 3rd.

May 23 2008

The 1st round was preety good but the 2nd round at Austin Del Valle,I could of done better but I didnt get good starts both motos and went down in the 2nd corner of the 1st moto. THe 3rd round is this weekend at Cycle Ranch so I hope to do better there.

Mar 30 2008

Starting April 13th the Texas Motocross Championships series is going to start.It is a 5 race series starting at Cyle Ranch then At Austin Del Valle then Bak at Cyle Ranch then at Three Palms mx and finally back at Cycle Ranch. I'm going to be riding in a different class, either the 250f youth (12 to 15) and maybe the 4 stroke open amateur, so I would be riding in 2 classes.

Mar 5 2008

This sunday is the final round of the triple crown series. I'm sitting in second place 6 points behind the leader and the top 3 in points will receive contingencie prizes.

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