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Personal History

At 7 years old, my father purchased my very first MX bike. I rode my JR 50 around the yard for hours - I was hooked.  For years, I rode my bike for the pure love of riding.  It wasn’t until I was 21 years old that I decided to start racing NESC. Not long after, I was married and blessed with my son, Ryan.  I then joined the United States Airforce as an active duty Electrician, stationed in Panama City, FL. While living in Florida, I raced at local tracks.  In 1997, I changed duty stations and had moved to Cheyenne, WY. During that time, I joined the local circuit SRAC and raced in the 125 Novice Class. I quickly pointed out to the Amateur class.  In 1999, I raced the SRAC circuit - winning the 250B Championship and receiving second place in the Open B Championship. After leaving the Air force, my family and I moved back home to CT.  We purchased a home and my wife gave birth to our twin boys, Cody and Tallon. I took a short break from racing until 2004, only participating in a few races. My next big race was in 2006. I raced for a NEMX Amateur Championship, winning the 25B and 30B Amateur Championship. My oldest son, Ryan, also raced, receiving 3rd place in the spring championship and 4th place in the fall.  I took a break until 2013 but continued to race occasionally, in which I was pointed out into the Vet Expert Class.  It was during that season that my passion for MX riding was renewed. Last year, I competed in all of the Winchester Speedpark MX series.

Riding Goals

- Always push to be the best rider I can be.

- Win a Vet Expert Championship. 

Competitive Highlights

*  1st place 1999 SRAC OPEN B Championship

*  2st place 1999 SRAC 250B Championship

*  4th place 2005 NEMX 30B Championship 

*  1st place 2006 NEMX 25B Championship

*  1st place 2006 NEMX 30B Championship

*  2013 pointed out to Expert

*  2nd place 2013 WSP 30A Championship

*  2nd place 2013 WSP 40A Championship


  - Gainsville, Florida

  - Pensicola, Florida

  - Pueblo, Colorado

  - Colorado Springs, Colorado

  -Fort Collins, Colorado 

  - Panama City, Florida

  - Cheyenne, Wyoming

  - Laramie, Wyoming

 - Casper, Wyoming 

  - Southwick, MA

  - Newyork

  - Maine

  - Newhampshire

  - Vermont