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Personal History


Riding Goals

For this coming year, the major goals are to obtain a multitude of sponsors that can assist the racing team in anyway possible to continue racing at the pro level, to podium at all the race events that come up, and to most of all, keep a positive outlook no matter what the racing situation or scene may be.. It isnt as easy as it sounds, but I've been training, riding, and keeping myself in shape for the upcoming year. I have one of the best feelings about the 2009 Season!

Competitive Highlights

I believe the most competitive highlight so far, was battling with the pros for about half of a year being in the expert class. Going head-to-head on the track with the pros, or even keeping up with them wasnt even half of the struggle. The most difficult obstacle was staying ahead of the ENTIRE expert class. After about a year and a half of wanting to go pro, Whiplash decided it was time for a few of the experts to be moved up and out. I was 1 of the 3 fortunate enough to be put in the same bunch as these hard core, give "all or nothing", dedicated racers.