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Personal History

Hello my name is Elliot Bennett, I am 16 years old, I have 2019YZ 250F . I race AMA 250C / Sportsman 14-24 B/C, Wisconsin Cross Country A class and Worcs series 15-24 B/ 250B. I live in Hancock, MI middle of nowhere and know moving to Lake Havasu City, AZ we travel 4 to 10 hours to race, I will show all you sponsors out there that a small-town boy can be a pro. my goals are make it to Loretta’s and go pro in hare scramble/motocross I grew up riding in the woods so I’m a natural!! I work out every day when i know i have a race and try to race every weekend!  My endurance is crazy every time I practice I do 15-30 min motos.

Follow @bennett_racing for weekly updates on my fitness, results and where we are traveling. And when I’m not racing I’m at are local track helping out, making jumps, making tracks bye-myself or working on my bike, I do all my maintenance on my bike and I work for my dad cutting lawns and roofing. my dad and I go half’s on all the parts I buy for my bike. so all the Discounts could help my family and i out, i feel like i would be good at representing you sponsors HMU!!!

IQ = @bennett_racing  @elliot_bennett_4

Riding Goals

Find my Flow AND Dream Big

Get Some support so you can follow my journey

Get my mental, physical strength, endurance and capability at its best it can be

I'm a very nice kid and a very good role model, lots of little kids look up to me @ my Hometown

I'm very good at advertising and very creative with anything moto related

I would make your program stronger with me in it because I will rep your company as much as I can on and off the track, on my bike, racing trailer, at the races , suggesting inventory  and just me in general associated with your company will make you grow!!

It’s all about technique and that's something i love doing

 I also would like to gain more sponsorships so I can continue to ride more often. I am determined to be the best rider I can be. 

Competitive Highlights

2016 Wisconsin State Champion XC 85cc

2017 Wisconsin State Champion XC 85cc

2018 Wisconsin C class 3rd overall on a 125cc ( switched to motocross that year )

2019 Minnesota ArenaCross  Championship  250C 2ND on a 125cc / Schoolboy1 2ND on a 125ccC class 3rd over all   

2020 AMA 250c 4th overall / Sportsman 14-24 B/C 7th overall ( not trying to chase points )

Cycle USA issue June 15,2019

Cycle USA issue May 15,2019

 Cycle USA issue April15,2019

I used to race the 85cc class which is one hour long then would have a twenty minute break then would race C class which is two hour's long so my endurance is crazy