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10 tips for starting your essay

We all know it: you have to write an essay for a certain subject. You want to get started in high spirits. You open your laptop and sit staring at a white screen for almost an hour. You have no inspiration. Shit! Because of course you didn't start on time and it has to be finished by tomorrow. No worries! Today I'll give you 10 tips on how best to write an essay.

1. Make a mind map. It might sound like you're back in grade school, but it helps. Write down what you want to talk about and before you know it, your essay will be ready!

2. Try to relax. Sit down somewhere quiet and try to relax. Think logically about what you talked about in class.

3. Use the internet. We live in the 21st century, we don't have an encyclopedia anymore. Find more about the topic you need to talk about. Don't copy and paste, teachers will notice the difference.

4. Stay positive! It may sound really stupid, but try to stay positive. If you start thinking negatively your ultius inspiration won't come. You can do it!

5. Start on time. A phrase that almost all teachers say. Still try to start on time, even if it is a mind map. If you have to do everything at the last minute you will lack inspiration due to time constraints.

6. Try to focus. Do not get distracted! If you know something spontaneously, don't stop in the middle of the text. Then when you go back you will not know what you are talking about or you will have lost the sentence you had.

7. Read books. It may sound really stupid but the more books you read, the more you are going to be able to formulate sentences in a nicer way. Suppose you have to write a story about someone's life, then you have as inspiration the books you have read.

8. Write down immediately what you know. This is a bit like point 6. But even though you are sitting in class or in front of the TV, try to write it down somewhere. If you have to paper writing service review a column about a play, do it as soon as you get home from the play. Then it will still be fresh in your mind.

9. Ask others how they did it. Ask friends where they got their inspiration from. That way you'll know how to start.

10. Read it over. Always check your work, make sure it is checked for spelling, correct sentences, and so on. Maybe you'll come across things that you can articulate better. 

Inspiration sometimes comes at the oddest times and usually when you need it, you don't have any. Always try to stay calm. It's not a bad thing if you don't know right away. Go do something else for a while and then return. Don't give up, no matter how hard it is.