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Personal History

Hello my name is Eddie I was wondering if you guys are intrested in sponsorships. I ride an 2008 kx 100 I know your probably thinking this guy rides an 08 and is asking for a sponsorship. But the reason is I had 2013 kx 100 but my mom was layed off so to help the family I sold it and then traded most of my things for the 08. I havent been to any nationals I will admit but I am willing to try with some backing.I mainly race local races.  My school does know that I race motocross and I have an agreement with the principal that if I notify at least 2 days before I leave for any motocross related event I have the right to leave. I'm not a straight A student but a B plus to A minus student. I go to strath haven middle school and I'm in 7th grade. I can also give your company decent exposure with social media such as Instagram because I have over 1000 followers which that many of those people that follow me race motocross. I also have a twitter. My dad is the only person in my household that works and with no support it does get tough because he always has to be working on the road because he run a limo company . At the moment my dad and I are the mechaincs for the bike so with support it would be amazing having some type of support. If you have any questions you can call at 6109319075 and my address is 404 Hastings ave Wallingford pa 19086. I ride at blue diamond mx almost every weekend or every other weekend weather permitting. I don't have top of the line things which makes me work hard to be at that level one day. I am also good friends with amatuer racer Carson mumford. I train about 5 times a week with my best friend who plays football but that is always at the track with me. I am willing to do anything for any of the sponsors I receive. I will be honest at some moments I may be a hot head but there is never in the public it rarely happens but when it does Im always alone. I am always very professional and respect is all I know also I am willing to travel  as long as I have that 3 day notice. Thank you for taking your time and God bless

Riding Goals

To be the fastest rider out there but also show other riders faith and courage will bring you up. I also want to make it to lorretas and mec.