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Personal History

I am 16 years old and love MX. The SuperMini  class has been a positive experience, now moving on to 125 Youth. My dad takes care of the bikes and I now help with everything. I also participate in MMA. I also do well in school with average grades, and do great in Tech. My friends think my racing is very cool. My older brother is a  fan of MX and SX. He supports me and tells me to run it harder. My dad is proud of my achievements and always wants me to have fun.

Riding Goals

With the 50cc 65cc  behind me and  a Top Five overall finishs in the New England Circuit its on to the 85 where the competition gets tougher. I plan to practice more and keep up on my training with Tae Kwon Do and BMX biking. The ultimate goal is to qualify at a regional and make it to Lorreta Lynn's. I  have secured my first championships in the Canaan MX Series in the 65 cc and Winchester Supercross series 65 7-12 class. I placed 4th on my 85 cc bike in Supercross with only 2 months on the bike. I accomplished Top finishes and some wins on the Supermini and now to the 125.I plan to ride more Regionally and compete against the best New England has to offer.

Competitive Highlights

Some of my competitive highlights include coming back from a lap down start and racing to third. Another highlight includes a late gate start ,due to an unprepared bike, and charging through the field to fourth.One of my favorite highlights was racing in the 65 Novice class on my 50 and finishing podium with a third place. Recently I achieved a wire to wire moto win in the 65cc Novice class. This fall were some regional events that were real fun. Top Ten at a Winchester Regional was exciting. 8th overall against the top kids in New England is encouraging, In my Final 65 cc year I took Two Championships. One Outdoors at Canaan MX and a Supercross Championship at Winchester in the 65 cc 7-12 Class. A 4th overall in the 85 class in Winchester Supercross is encouraging with only 2 months on the bike. Notched some regional wins on the Supermini and have already finished on the Podium on my 125.