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Personal History

I've been wanting to race Motorcross since I was 4. I got my fist bike at 5, and every sonce that day I've only tried to go fast. I've ride on a handful of tracks locally and I feel like I could competitor on the track yet I've never had any real chance come up. The moment I turned 9 all I wanted was something obnoxious and loud so I bought a cr125. I blew it up trail riding so I then bought a banshee at 11 sold that when I turned 14, just too buy another bike again. I bought a yz125 and we've ripped it ever since.

Riding Goals

My goals would be to get the opportunity to race on the track just to see how good I am. I want to make it a lifestyle insteady of a hobby. I want the fastest and biggest bikes I can get my hands on and send it.